The Agency

As a Fashion Agent I want to distinct myself by customer service & by selling more outspoken brands with a high Level of quality. CRM is my number one priority. I want you to feel at home & at ease. Supporting you as a customer in anyway possible. My experience in retail, buying & selling, helps me in that regard. Working with brands that can asure me a qualitative customer service is a ‘must’.

For the moment i’m BELUX agent for:


The past will remain the past, let's focus on the future

Goosecraft takes inspriation from the past and combines it with emerging fashion trends that they get excited about. They desing for the people that are close to them. the people they know best, the ones with a (hidden) rebellious personality. Goosecraft is Amsterdam based and founded in 2006 with a great group of people who were sharing an extreme passion for leather jackets. That is why the backbone of the brand will always remain leather. But as time passed by they evolved into a full blown apparel manufacturer that is consciously creating its collections because they/we care about the world we live in. They take pride in serving their retailers and end consumers with mesmerizing collections, unrivaled prices and unmatched quality.


JOHNY is a young Belgian label, undefinable and off-beat.  

Flirting with feminine silhouettes, a boyish attitude and cultural influences of the past & present, JOHNY is looking to contribute to self expression of any kind. It can be elegant now and untamable tomorrow. Never ordinary, always striking. Because what you wear should lift your spirit, time and time again.

JOHNY finds its inspiration in everything from poetry to art, design & literature. 

JOHNY is produced on a small scale basis in Europe, that goes without saying. We attach great importance to the selection of fabrics and materials. High quality natural fabrics like merino wool, alpaca, silk and (organic) cotton 


A Brend originates from a lust for silver, gold and marvellous accessories and fashion. Combined with the love for travelling, it inspired to the business start-up of the brand. The designs breathe the quietness of Bali, but also the cosmopolitan character of world cities.

Brenda Hendriks completed a four year Design & Styling degree at the AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, along with multiple courses in silversmithing. The founding of her own jewelry brand was a logical step. A Brend was born in 2012. In every design one discovers the passion for other cultures, a free way of life and the use of unique materials.

Twice a year A Brend presents a new collection. The fragile designs are appreciated by different types of women and they adapt to various clothing styles. The pieces of jewelry from A Brend are at times girly and sweet, or powerful and robust. They are all made of Sterling 925 silver.

The distinctive products are handmade and they have their own appearance. Every piece is sustainable and of high quality.


The collection created for full comfort. 100% made with love 

Designed in Antwerp. Premium handcrafted in Europe.

Nomadic state of mind

19 Years ago, far far away from all fashion trends, Chris Anderson an american vegan became the creative behind Nomadic State of Mind. He had a new vision on the world & on fashion. He really wants to create a better world and especially a cleaner world. He saw on his many trips the recycling of polypropylene into ropes. With these ropes he invented the new fashion trend: Nomadic State of Mind. The polypropylene that is used to create NSOM-sandales is colored before it’s transformation to rope. This is why the sandales do not decolour not even due to friction. You can even leave them on to have a swim in the sea. The sandales are made in Nicaragua, fair-trade & the company has earned the tittle of eco development place. If you were on holiday in the south of Europe, you probably already saw a lot of these cuties on a lot of cool people. NSOM also appears a lot in press, blogs, influencers, etc. They are an ecological Must-Have.

WM Jewellery



WM Jewellery is a Belgian based label created by women, for women

Inspired by the colour trends of each season, we create two "mix & match" collections a year. One spring/summer and one fall/winter collection, offering you infinite possibilities on how to wear and combine your WM Jewellery bracelets. 

Separately, mixed or in combination with your everyday gold and silver jewellery pieces, wear them however they match your style best!

All bracelets are handmade using high quality Miyuki beads and strings with a sliding knot closure. The sliding knot allows you to easily put on and take off your bracelet, as well as adjust its size.




Every story has a beginning… This is ours. Follow our mission towards making the best fresh + technical waterproof outerwear out there. Our goal is to become sustainable, step-by-step

FRANCK OUTERPROOFS is an Amsterdam based brand specialized in waterproof outerwear. FRANCK, meaning honest, is the foundation of who we are. We want to become sustainable and have made it there with some of our materials and biodegradable insulation. By only working with certified suppliers we can guarantee that all the people involved in making our outerwear work in safe conditions, get fair pay and work normal hours. Choosing conscious means not looking away, controlling that conditions are upheld with annual reports and knowing that what you buy really matters. But there’s more work to be done, which we want to share with you along the way.

Each FRANCK is designed to take the weather, as we are surrounded by it the moment we step out the door. Our philosophy is that technical details and waterproof garments don’t have to compromise style. On the contrary, with this fusion you will never be caught out in the storm. With smart design we can get more out of our outerwear and end up buying less.


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